The N Holiday Contesque is now CLOSED!

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Yes, the N Holiday Contesque is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to everyone who provided feedback on N v2.0 so far, we really appreciate it. We’ve got a lot of hard work and bugfixing ahead of us, but we’re bursting with renewed enthusiasm because of yours — your support and comments have re-energized us, so thank you all very much for that. We think this has been a great start to what we believe will be an exceptional year.

We’ll keep the database open for now, for those of you who want to perfect your moves, but as of just before 7pm EST, the results are in.

We’ll get back asap with news of winners, prizes, watching replays and all that good stuff, but so far it seems like vankusss has taken the top slots in each difficulty. Congratulations to everyone who placed — that was no easy feat. You have really shown what awesome N players you are: major kudos.

Ok, back soon with more!

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  • This was a fun contesque, and the first one I’ve participated in. van sure was a beast on this, but Joe_Weisshaar (LouDog004) I think deserves honorable mention for having the top spot in the hardest challenge up until the final 12 hours.

    I hope all of us who placed get a little something, because as you said that was no easy feat. Looking forward to the official release of version2.0

  • I would like to thank you for the challenge, although the challenging part for me was beating 1000 on all modes (which i failed on harder, but it’s possible) and beating loudog on hardest, his run is really good. Not many people participated, that’s why there are those huge gaps on the boards (too little competition).

    The laggy framerate made it like 2x harder overall, and was quite annoying.
    I would also like to point out that all people I know from the community don’t like the engine changes, or, as you call it, bug fixes. Things like corner jumps, corner shoves, triple slope jumps (which are possible, but a lot harder) made N, well, N. Coding these things on purpose would most probably ruin them, and that’s why 1.4 will always be better for me (unless you can intentionally bug (?) 2.0 to contain those tricks).

  • Yes, i agree with vankusss, when i heard of 1.5, which you have now named 2.0. i expected it to be a better version of 1.4, with One-Way Platform glitches gone & a few other things, but mostly i was looking forward to the 1.5/2.0 NED, from this 2.0 beta i haven’t seen any new objects or tiles, maybe you’re holding back & just showing us the engine, i would’ve atleast like to see the delayed mines from N+, the slow motion object in N+ can be made in 1.4 with a launchpad of 0 power so it wouldn’t be needed in 2.0 if you still allow editing the object code to work with the game

    I noticed there aren’t any down facing One-Way Platforms in 2.0 beta to test the glitch to see if you guys fixed it, but maybe i’m wrong

    On the good side, i can defiantly see 2.0 as something to highscore, even without the tricks & it’s great to still be able to double jump off Bounce Blocks & the drone lag bug fix

    Just one other thing alot of people aren’t going to like me saying here, but NUMA, basically it can’t be fixed unless someone can transfer it to python 2.7 runtime, or something, anyway i was just wondering if you knew anyone that could help with NUMA, you did put a link to it in your game after all,

  • I completely agree with Vankusss. I consider the bugs in N as just the way the game is. They do not ruin or hinder the fun of the game but merely make it more interesting and fun for the player. I mean, being able to use a corner to propel yourself is pretty cool or knowing how to perform a double jump on a bounce block is just part of the game. These things are not bugs, they are part of the game. They are what makes N unique.

    Not only will it remove a whole section of N 1.4 but it will also mean that many (if not all) highscores from 1.4 will no longer be valid. I don’t personally know how this will work because if the progress can be imported from 1.4, many ‘impossible’ runs will fill up a levels highscore – runs that no one playing v 2.0 will be able to beat because of the tricks done by the player that are now ‘impossible.’ If progress can not be imported from 1.4 than this will mean that the thousands, no, milllions of hours spent by highscorers will be left in the past. If this were to happen i would personally continue to play 1.4.

    Without these bugs, all highscores of the past would be lost.
    The only logical solution i see is to leave the bugs in that make N unique.

  • Wooo, I got a monopoly on the #2 spot. (Although I’m technically 1st on harder. Which is so much the better.) Looking forward to the prizes! 😀

    It was a good challenge. The new arcade mode is a brilliant idea. One thing though: I believe you should have a steeper difficulty curve going from hard-harder-hardest. The highscores on the boards are very high indeed. What would be great would be if the hard column would remain as it is, but the difficulty is scaled so that the hardest column would only be beatable by accomplished highscorers; that way there would be something for everyone, and even a completion on hardest would be something in itself. (Also I certainly found that “harder” was harder than “hardest” here, and this seems to be the general consensus.)

    nadroj347: Doubtless that if you got involved with the community you would know the answer to all of your queries. Firstly, v2 will have a different set of levels from v1.4, so “importing progress” doesn’t make sense. Therefore v1.4 and v2 will co-exist, and you can play whichever you prefer. Everyone agrees that tricks such as triple jumps, etc, are part of the game, and certainly shouldn’t be taken out; this is only a beta, and I’m sure that M&R will try to replicate these to everyone’s satisfaction. But this can’t be done by leaving things alone. As you know N v1.4 runs on Flash Player 7 (as such, it won’t work on the latest macs), and the code that N was written in will not even compile on later versions of flash, let alone run with the same physics; therefore, changes will have to be made. Finally, I saw you taking a few random v1.4 top20s here and there on the boards. You don’t seem to use NReality; you can check on the forums for what that is; I would highly recommend it.

  • Thanks Zapmeister, that clears things up a lot for me. Its great to hear that there will be 1.4 and 2.0 co-existing – even so – as people upgrade their flash players and buy newer computers over time – won’t v1.4 be eventually bred out?

    Also – i didn’t realise that people would actually notice my highscores!:D I do have NReality but don’t ever use it. Is there a difference?

  • @nadro347 NReality has sr (speedrun) & UC (underclock) mode, these modes each have their own highscore/top 20 boards although only me & Fdan play UC, it allows you to get the demo data for death demos & has the legacy project maps, the 100-119 episodes being known as the ‘B_T’ collumns, or blue_tetris, it also allows you to play maps directly from NUMA & submit your scores to the server, but NUMA has pretty much been messed up by arachnid, if you wan’t to know stuff that’s happening in the community, then the IRC server would be the place, there’s information about it on the forums

    M&R, do you have a rough estimate for a release by /before date for 2.0?

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