BOO! Halloween Update for N++! ***PLUS, it’s 20% off until Nov1!***

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Happy Halloween!

Edited to add: BONUS! N++ is part of Steam’s Halloween sale! It’s 20% off RIGHT NOW until November 1! Now’s your chance, if you’re on the fence, grab it and check out all this awesome new stuff! 😀

We’ve been hard at work on updates for N++, and we’re delighted to announce that Update #6 for N++ on Steam is ready, and this one is a lot of fun!

Get N++ on Steam here!

As you can see in the image above, we’ve added 2 new Halloween-inspired colours! Witchy is a dark purple and black colour scheme and Pumpkin is a cheerful orange. Spooky!

AND, drumroll please…
Headbands are finally here! We’re so happy with how these came out.


There are lots of styles to try, and a variety of colours of both ninjas and headbands for each colour scheme and each player, you’ll just have to figure out how to Funlock them 🙂 When you do, opening the Colour menu will treat you to many new options for Ninja customization. Enjoy! 😀


This update brings a lot of small improvements to the editor and functionality for you to discover as well. Since N++ launched two months ago, Tatham has been dedicating a lot of time to finding and fixing bugs, and we’re happy to report that he’s almost done. So there will be fixes and tweaks plus some more new surprises coming for you in the near future, N++ fans. Get ready!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these fun new upgrades, and have a great Halloween!


Don’t worry, PS4 players, these updates will be coming to PS4 as well! We’re just not sure when yet.

And for all of our friends on Mac and Linux, we should have news for you soon!

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  • very nice!

  • It’s been too long for Mac. But I’m not complaining. This game looks so good.

  • @Nigel: we’re currently doing closed beta testing on Mac, so it should be out very shortly 🙂

  • My birthday is the 28th and I, like previously mentioned, have a Mac. Will there be any chance that my parents pay for the game for me? (Maybe I could arrange a donation for what I wouldn’t have to pay. 😉 *wink wonk*)

  • It’s still coming soon! 🙂

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