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Maybe you’ve heard the rumours that N++ is coming to Steam — well even if you haven’t, we’re here to confirm that yes, N++ is definitely coming to Steam! You’ve been asking us for 8 years when we’d bring N to Steam, and we’re thrilled to finally announce that the time is now! Well ok not quite now — but this year! We’ve found a new programmer and we’re currently working on the port.

Here’s the page:
Get over there and add it to your wishlist!

You can also start talking about the game in the Steam Community Hub:

But you’re aching for more info, aren’t you. Ok, so what do we know about the Steam release? PC, Mac, Linux? Yes, yes and yes. Controller support? You betcha. It’ll have everything that exists on the PS4 version, and more.

But aside from that, there’s not a lot to tell you right now… Release date? Not sure. Specs and minimum tech requirements? we’re still figuring that out. Number of levels? who knows! Rest assured, we’ve got some surprises planned and some new stuff that will debut on Steam (and make it’s way to the PS4 as well). You’re gonna love it. So for all of you who have been enjoying the series for years and chomping (champing?) at the bit to see this game on Steam, get in on the ground floor and start up the hype machine! And for those of you who have never heard of this game before, we’re so excited for you! Especially if you like challenging platformers, you’re in for a treat 🙂

Go forth and talk about it! and please use hashtag #NPlusPlus 🙂
We’ll keep you updated with details as we have them. Stay tuned!

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  • This is so f****** awesome!
    I don’t know how i can stay sane while waiting for the Steam release (joke).
    I assume the Steam release will cost as much as the PS4 one?

  • Great news, guys!
    Is there any chance that save progress from PS4 can be transferred to PC in some way? I’m guessing it’s not likely but just thought I’d ask.

  • Woo!

    As a PC gamer (mostly), I missed out on N+, and I thought I’d miss out on this one too. Glad to see I was wrong!

    Finally i can play N+(+) on my PC 😀
    I was playing this game 8 years and now i can be more happy that i were before haha:D
    Love you METANET!!!!!

  • @xela: yep, it will almost definitely be $20

    @ibcamwhobu: unfortunately that’s not likely going to be possible… sorry!

    @player_03: awesome! We’re really excited to finally bring things back to PC. I wish we had released N+ on Steam, but at the time we couldn’t afford it :/

    @NyanCat_Polska: Yay!!! We’re excited too 🙂

  • That’s really exciting. I’m pretty sure that’d be that case, but I bought it on PS4 recently, I will have to buy it on Steam again, right? It seems far too complicated to do otherwise.
    More than happy to support you guys anyway.

  • This is awesome 🙂
    Can’t wait to start mapping on N++! Those new features look spectacular and expand the possibilities in NED by an enormous amount. Hoping I’ll be able to run it on my computer, fingers crossed 😀

  • @shomman: yes, unfortunately there’s no cross-buy between PS4 and Steam — thank you so much for your support!

    @Hyteriux: we’re not sure of the system requirements yet, we’ll do our best to keep them low 🙂

  • Also, will progress be synced via an account, from PS4 to PC? Just interested. I don’t know if I’d want that or not.

  • been playing since 2004 or something, really never stopped.

    hope you include the ability to create custom level episode, instead of only “level”

  • Such hype!!! Love N++ and can’t wait to play the $#!+ outta that game on PC. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • Such hype!!! Love N++ and can’t wait to play the crap outta that game on PC. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • i think i’ll have been playing this game / mapping for ten years this fall, and i’m still legitimately excited for this impending release.

    M&R, what have you done? why can’t I stop? will i never be free? did you make a deal with some terrible spirit from beyond this world to keep me in your gray, geometric thrall for eternity? why is just about everything you do so awesome?

  • @shomman: PS4/PC progress will be separate; we’re trying to make it so that the user-made levels will be available across all platforms though.

    @dai: wow, that’s amazing!! We added some secret challenges to N++ for people like us who had been playing for a decade, I hope you like them 😉

    User episodes was something that we had intended for N++, which was cut due to time constraints.. it ended up being a lot more work than we had anticipated (UI-wise as well as server stuff). We’re looking at everything we cut to see what we can add in post-launch, but I’m not sure yet whether user episodes will be making it back in.. we both definitely would like to see that though, since it’s something we’ve wanted to support for about a decade!

    @Alex: Thank you 🙂

    @OneSevenNiine: that’s really awesome to hear, thanks so much. I’m not sure what sort of deal we made! We have definitely been very lucky 🙂

  • Hey there.
    Will the highscore boards be the same for the PS4 and the Steam version of the game? I hope so. Different accounts? Probably.

  • Great news! User levels being cross-plat would be awesome. Good luck with the launch!!

  • @xela: unfortunately it looks like the highscores will be split per platform; a replay recorded on PS4 won’t work on PC, and vice-versa, which means we have to split them based on platform. However, all levels will be accessible to everyone, regardless of platform — only the highscores will be split.

    @scottm: thank you! 🙂

  • Is N++ going to be a Steam “Early Access Game” and if not, will you have alpha/beta signups?

  • Some of us know N++ from stollen swf from minigames pages.
    Bring it to Steam is completelly necessary, you have been smart here.
    Me and a friend of mine will pay 20 bugs for it without a doubd. Please make a package to purchase 2 x 1 with some discound for friends that enjoy the cooperative trials.
    Thank you guys.
    p.d. i want to work with you if there is a chance 🙂
    For low cost, I am a programmer, I live in spain, the cheap Europe 🙂

  • @XanderTheOne: thanks! We heard you can’t do multipacks on Steam anymore, but we’ll do our best to try.

    @SorryAboutYourCats: Nope, it won’t be Early Access, but we may do a beta to help with testing. we’ll let you know!

  • I will be making it rain gift copies like a rapping software enthusiast in whatever is this analogy’s equivalent of a gentleman’s club. I’m excited for you guys. You made me ultimately pull the trigger on a PS4, and have been a huge hit at game nights, so it’s great that even more people can get on board soon.

  • Extremely good news, I knew you guys were going to make this happen. I know you’re surely busy as heck right now, but did you guys receive my email regarding v1.4 highscores and leaderboards?

    I can resend it if it was lost.

  • @Will: thanks so much!! 😀

    @Eddy: cheers — we’ll check our spam folder 🙂

  • This is awesome.

    Where will user made levels be hosted? Will they be integrated with steam? I’m still a diehard NUMA fan, and would love to see us include some N++ code hosting capabilities for the site (god knows we need new faces), but failing that it would be great if some similar system could be implemented which still enabled community feedback.
    I guess I just don’t want to see N2.0 happen again where there was no ability to comment on a map. It cut out the entire community with that feature lacking. >>rates mean nothing<<

  • @apse: we’re going to use the same server as the PS4 version is using, so that levels can be shared by everyone regardless of platform… unfortunately that means no comments. I’m sorry; it’s possible that something could be integrated after (i.e an external website which linked each level to a page of feedback) but it’s not something we have planned right now.

    We definitely appreciate how much better it is when you can interact with people, but we couldn’t figure out a way to make it happen without more or less having to implement a forum inside the game itself, which seemed a bit too much for us :/

  • Which System Requirements?
    Windows Vista, 7?
    3GB of free disk space?

    which icon will look like in desktop?

  • @cube000: lol! 🙂 We don’t know yet, we’re still trying to get it running properly on PC. It will probably be about 4gb though.

  • I have some asks.

    Controls will be like from N 2.0?
    Can support keyboard and DualShock 4?

  • @Cube000: There will be configurable controls, both keyboard and controllers 🙂

  • Will be multiplayer co-op and race?

    Will be global level sharing?

  • @Cube000: there will be multiplayer, but local-only; level sharing will be global and across platforms (so PS4 players can play levels made on Steam and vice-versa)


  • Finally!
    Impatiently waiting.

  • Any new on how much longer? Impatiently waiting as well 😀

  • It’s going to be at least a few more months sadly, the code was in a really bad state and it’s taking a while for our new programmer to sort it all out. We’re working on finishing all of the new levels and other fun stuff 🙂

  • Hey, it’s me, the guy who’s been a big fan of you guys for many many years. Remember when you made those totes? Or those valentines cards? Or when you first publicly mentioned Robotology?
    Remember when N+ was still being worked on?
    I do. I am so very happy that you guys are porting to steam. I was a little worried that reception wouldn’t be ideal with a bigger budget game on console stores, since people are always so hesitant to spend more than a few dollars digitally. I do think, however, that the steam community is exactly what you need, since they’re (We’re) suckers for indie games, your world-famous minimalistic graphics, and there is always love for a challenging platformer. Not to mention how (at least from what I’ve seen) PC gamers are more willing to spend money on good games.

    Anyway, I love you guys.

    I’m wishing you all of my love and continued support as you refine the already wonderful, and share your work with the world!

  • @Colt: thank you so much! Porting is going slow but steady, there’s still a lot of work left to do (we want to add a lot to the game), and words of encouragement like yours really help us to keep going. Cheers!

    We really hope that we can find an audience on Steam.. we’re a bit worried because of some of the horror stories we’ve heard about Steam these days (mostly that sales are just as low as on console).

    We’re trying to think of ways to get people to actually hear about this game, because we know we have fans out there.. we just don’t know how to reach them yet. We’re working on it though!

    Anyway, thanks again for your support. 🙂

  • Will two GTX 980 ti in SLI be able to run this?

  • @jeff: it should work fine, since AFAIK developers don’t have to do anything special to support SLI, it should just work. We’re trying to target relatively modest graphics cards so you should be totally fine 🙂

  • Can’t wait! Steam severely needs a good platformer with a level editor. I spent hours on N+ for Xbox 360 creating levels (my favourite aspect), as well as many school days *wasted* playing N game.

    It is hard to tell in Steam which games are worth your money or not. Maybe you could consider giving some free copies to some Youtubers to help with marketing?

  • @Challen: awesome, cheers! Yeah, we will definitely be sending keys to youtubers as it seems like the best way to get people to see your game these days. 🙂

  • You guys nearly made me buy a PS4. Dodged a bullet there!
    Looking forward to hearing more

  • I have loved n/n+ since launch. And i have done the imposible to play, i even backed up my n+ umd to play in pc in an emulator. Now that i know its comming to PC i am STOKED!!! I am so exited for this! Do you guys have an estimated date of launch? Also, what do i have to do to get a beta key! I would die for one.

  • @Macononi: wow, that’s hardcore! 😀 that’s super cool. We don’t have an estimated date yet, but we think we’ll have added the new stuff by end of summer, so we’re hoping to release around then.

    We’ll be doing a beta just before then, and we’ll definitely put out a call for beta testers — have you signed up for our mailing list? that might be the easiest way to find out — or keep an eye on our twitter (@metanetsoftware)

  • Awesome news! I hope you’ll include levels from 1.4, so that I will be able to face the nightmare called 88-4 again (Mother Thumping Impossible, was it?). This was the only level out of 500 that I couldn’t beat.

    Suggestion for level editor: Please add the option to set starting lifespan in seconds. This will open the way for exciting levels where you rush for gold to stay alive throughout the mazes.

  • @fri: thanks, we’re glad you’re excited! So in N++, most of the levels are brand new, though we did include a few of our favourites from N and N+. However, we decided not to include any user-made levels (such as 8x-x from N) in the main campaign because we redesigned how user levels are displayed and showcased instead. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of levels that we think you’ll find fiercely challenging 😀

    Thanks for your suggestion. It’s unlikely that we’ll change things too much at this point, but we’ll certainly consider it! 🙂

  • (Posted this on the steam forums as well.)

    Will the Steam Release include Trading Cards and the resulting Profile Backgrounds? I’d absolutely love to have a cool N++ Profile Background and show my support for the game.

  • Yes! We’re definitely planning on Trading Card support, and we love making cool backgrounds with N++ art 🙂

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