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hi everyone! As you may have noticed, there have been some changes around here — we thought it was time to refresh the site and reorganize a little. Here’s what’s new:

We’re still working on finishing N++ for Steam, and should have more news for you shortly. We’re hoping to release it by the end of summer, with some new surprises to make things interesting. If we’re able to port it to other platforms, it’ll be because of good numbers on Steam, so please help us spread the word and encourage people to buy the game!

We love that so many game developers, hobbyists and game makers of all kinds have been enjoying our tutorials and the links and insights we’ve been sharing on twitter, so we have decided to expand the site to incorporate some of that, in an effort to show a more expanded view of what goes into making games. We’ll be sharing things we find inspiring and books you should totally check out, as well as merch we’re creating. We’ll also be posting more tutorials, concept art for new projects and will continue to write about our ongoing game development processes.

So there should be lots of new and interesting stuff coming up for all of you to check out. We hope you enjoy!

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  • End of summer, sweet.
    Nice new site. I like it.

  • Great new site incorporating everything together, and great news as well. Looking forward to the release.

  • Wow! Nice!

    Wait… End of Summer?


  • hope it ! i love n++!

  • Great 🙂 I really hope that N++ ends up on Xbox One eventually.

  • It’s something we’re considering, and if it sells well enough on Steam, we might be able to afford to port it. Please help us spread the word about the Steam version when it’s out, it’ll better the chances we can bring the game to Xbox One!

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