N++ Leaps to Xbox One!

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As you can no doubt see, we are incredibly excited to announce that N++ is available for Xbox One RIGHT NOW! It’s out! The time has finally come! The Ultimate Edition is launching on Xbox One, so you’ll get all 4340 hand-crafted, devious levels and all the headbands and secrets you could ever need.

N+ fans, you will love what has changed in N++, the thrilling parkour platforming action you loved 7 years ago is now bigger, better and more beautiful. Enjoy the carefully redesigned local Co-op and Race (competitive) MP and bask in the glory of the new Hardcore mode!

N++ is over 5x as big as N+ was, and comes to you crammed full of colour, music and every level your heart could desire — plus the ability to make your own and share them with players all over the world! And all for the low low price of only $14.99 USD. A serious bargain. What are you waiting for! Go buy it!


Don’t miss out, like this poor ninja:

Need more convincing? The launch trailer has got you covered 🙂

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  • Does this mean that the PS4 Ultimate Edition update is on its way?? Thanks for all you do!

  • What about Ultimate Edition for PS4?
    Any date to suggest for that?

  • thanks for your patience, everyone! The PS4 version is next on Aaron’s list, and should be out before the end of the year.

  • Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Any ETA on linux version? Thanks!

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