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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

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If you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know that we’re fans of Valentine’s Day — and if not, now you do! 😉 We generally like to use this holiday to let our fans know we appreciate them, by making and giving out Valentines either in physical or digital form.

This year we haven’t had time to make any new “V-Day” crafts, because we’ve had our hands full (literally) with three new corporate fat-kittens!

They’re 6 months old, all sisters from the same litter — which we found thanks to the wonderful Montreal Animal Rescue Network. We really miss Dr Doom and Megatron, and we decided it was a good time to bring more cats into our lives. We’ll have to see what sorts of games they would like to help us design 😉

This is (Princess) Peach:



Peach’s nose is shaped like a little heart! She loves to be petted and is always purring. She is very bold and unafraid to stride in and take whatever she wants, and is extremely good at chasing and catching things. Although she’s not the best at jumping, she doesn’t give up, and her excellent upper body strength means she can just pull herself up the rest of the way.

This is Pepper (P.I.):



Pepper is bright and full of energy. She is very tall and has very long limbs, plus a super sleek coat. She’s extremely stylish! She’s always figuring out how things work and solving mysteries of eg where and when food comes from, and where all the cat toys have gone. She has cute curled ears and a positive and optimistic outlook on life.

This is (Professor) Parsley:



Parsley is very chill and calm, unlike her energetic sisters, though she still does enjoy playing a lot. Her coat is very fluffy and soft, and as you can see she has cute curled ears like Pepper. She loves to follow us around and help out with whatever we’re doing. She’s very encouraging!

It was impossible to top Dr Doom’s and Megatron’s names, so we went in another direction 😉 They’re all very cute and are injecting a lot of joy and chaos into our lives, which is fun. If you want to see more, check them out on instagram:

In other news, we’re still working away on prototyping, most recently we’ve been working on a fighting game that has yet to come together, but we feel like the concept (“make a fighting game as different as possible from the Street Fighter template”) has a lot of potential. We’ll see how that goes!

This month the featured N++ levels showcase the winners of the Monthly Mapping Contest, plus one has a Valentine’s Day theme! Check them out on our Tumblr:

So that’s it! thanks again for playing our games and reading this silly blog, we are hoping to have lots more to show and talk about soonish. We’ll keep you posted!

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  • very excited!! Though somewhere deep down I know there can be more of N, I’m just not sure how hmmmm.. When I was a kid about 15 years ago, I wanted to make another N game. Just getting into programming now and am not sure where to go -_-. Making an indie game sounds very cozy, but likely it’ll be in a company… Anyway great to see new cats 😛 🙂

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