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Happy Valentine’s Day! As you may know, we’re fans of Valentine’s Day around here, because it’s another opportunity to let people know how much we appreciate them — friends, family, colleagues and players alike. Quite frankly, these days, we think everyone could use a little more love in their lives, as we all desperately try to figure out a way forward through this harsh and unforgiving world. Here’s a brief history of our valentines:

And what we had to say about them:

As game developers, we are very much indebted to the game development community for the knowledge and support that is consistently and generously shared. As gamers, we receive immense enjoyment from the multitude of games which we play each year, and are able to get a better sense of what we like about games, which helps us with future projects. As game creators, we really appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm other gamers put into our work — that boosts our motivation to keep working.

Quite simply, we are always looking for ways to give back, or to tell people about how awesome we think they are, and how much we appreciate who they are and what they do. Making valentines is a fun and unusual way to do this, which is right up our alley.

And so, dear reader, know this: we think you rock. Thanks for being you.

It’s still true! So this year, we’ve got a fun and tasty Valentine for you — in the PC/Mac version of N++, you’ll find two delicious new colour schemes you get to use freely for all of February: Chococherry (Valentine’s-themed) and Birthday Cake (’cause hey, maybe it’s your birthday, and everyone is so focused on Valentine’s Day that they forget. Not us though, we’ve got your back!). After February, these will be unlockable the usual way, and they definitely will make their way to PS4 as well, as soon as we can get them there.

We will have more exciting news for you soon, so stay tuned — but in the meantime, please tell someone how genuinely special they are to you.

p.s. wondering about the name of this blog post? Well it’s simple — we’ve titled blog posts “Happy Valentines Day” three times over the years, and we wanted to change things up a bit, Canadian-style 😉

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  • Happy V-Day! Love you guys. 😀

  • <3 Right back at you :D

  • I’m sure you know most people who visit your site like your games. But you probably don’t hear enough what I’ll say below which is so so true.

    I have great respect for how you all have handled yourselves and additionally have a sense for how difficult it is to be a full time indie game dev. in this day and age.

    Love and appreciation to the team whether it’s valentines day or any random day!

  • Thank you so much Awein!! We’re so happy to have found people like you who really appreciate what we do. 🙂

  • Hey M&R!
    Happy belated VD to you too 🙂
    You guys rock, making one of the most fun game which ever existed. I hope you can continue to make this kind of special art for as long as you want to.
    Can you roughly estimate, when the big update will hit us? Like Q2 or Q3/17 maybe? 🙂
    Will we get new achievements/trophies? 🙂


  • Thanks PH! We can’t say for sure but it won’t be too much longer. Our goal is Q1 2017, right now the main issue is getting all of the back-end stuff for the new game mode working. There will be new achievements — some easy, some harder 😉

  • Awesome! Best news in weeks 🙂

  • Damn I just saw the achievements in Steam – you guys are insane 😀
    I will try my very best to reclaim my 100% 🙂

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