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N+ XBLA: Taking the World by Storm

26 Feb / by: M&R / 47 comments / tags :

First off, the new IGN blog post is up. This week, we take a look at N+ XBLA and provide some helpful tips and stuff. Check it out here! There are two crazy important things to note in this post. First, people have been getting this wrong all over the internet, and it’s time the […]

The Ninja Has Landed

20 Feb / by: M&R / 59 comments / tags :

Yes, at painfully long last, N+ is available on XBLA worldwide! We’re stuck here at GDC for the next few days, so now is your chance to get on the leaderboards before we arrive back in Toronto and “throw down”. Booyah! The XBLA has been updated with all sorts of fancy new info, check it […]

N+ on XBLA this Wednesday (the 20th)!! YES!!!!!!!

18 Feb / by: M&R / 36 comments / tags :

Seriously, it’s been killing us to keep all the news about N+ quiet. We have really big mouths, and it’s hard to shut that down. But, finally, we’re FINALLY allowed to share the good news with everyone. N+ will be available for download for 800 points on this Wednesday, February 20th, at 9am PST. Yay! […]

N+ Launch Party Widely Regarded as “Best Party of All Time”

14 Feb / by: M&R / 21 comments / tags :

Well, the N+ XBLA launch party was last night, and it was a smashing success! Check out the pics here. The room was pretty well packed by the end, and it was difficult to pry the controllers from the crabbed and clawlike (read: N+ addicted) hands of our guests when it was time to close […]

N+ vs N+

30 Jan / by: M&R / 54 comments / tags :

Before getting to the actual subject of this post, we should point out that the latest installment of our IGN developer blog is up: https://blogs.ign.com/Metanet/ To make up for the lack of substance last time, we’ve packed 8 pages of Q&A into a single column! Aw yeah. We’ve also updated the N/N+ website: https://www.thewayoftheninja.org/ We’re […]