Casual Lames

03 Jun / by: M&R / 21 comments /

Let’s face it: casual games are demeaning to the entire game development community. In other media, “casual” products are more commonly referred to as “trash” — you have your trashy romance novels, your lip-synching boy bands, your cheesy reality tv and your god-awful Uwe Boll flicks. In other words, material that’s been cynically engineered with […]

Robotology: the story thus far, part deux

01 Jun / by: M&R / 18 comments /

One caveat on the following: it all seems to be written in the past tense, but this shouldn’t be mistaken as an indication that things have changed in the present! Past tense just seems more suitable for telling a tale that’s over a year old. Once again, apologies for not starting this blogging process sooner! […]

Robotology: the story thus far

01 Jun / by: M&R / 9 comments /

This post is the first of a series wherein we’ll try to get everyone up to speed on what the hell we’ve been doing in the 3 years which have elapsed since we made N. Also, we’re new to this whole blogging thing, so please bear with us as we attempt to find a suitable […]

argh.. one second!!

31 May / by: M&R / 1 comments /

Apparently some enterprising soul has discovered this blog (it was linked from indygamer.blogspot) — but we haven’t finished setting it up yet!! By the end of tomorrow things should be finished, in the meantime please forgive any default/template content.. see you soon.

How to Survive a Robotology Uprising

23 May / by: M&R / 1 comments /

Has everyone seen this book? It’s hilarious: How to Survive a Robot Uprising Because our new game revolves around the life cycles of the future’s average robots, we were invited by our friend Jim Munroe to meet and chat with the author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising (and other works), Daniel H. Wilson. […]

Welcome to metablog!

22 May / by: M&R / 4 comments /

This is the official Metanet Software development blog. Hooray!! You can expect to see a chronicling of the development of the game we’re currently working on, Robotology, as well as some details on other projects, plus a whole bunch of randomness, too. We’ll probably “review” games we like and don’t like, and comment on who […]