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PS4, Progress

14 Nov / by: M&R / 27 comments / tags :

Hello again! We’re still hard at work on N++. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past month or so. We’ve moved from in-progress designs and prototyping to finalizing graphics, animations and effects, plus all the UI. When all that is in the game, we can finally get screenshots and start really seeing how […]

The road to N++

20 Aug / by: M&R / 62 comments / tags : ,

Yes, it’s happening: N++ is well on its way to PS4. We’ve been working on it since late 2012, so it’s nice to finally be able to talk about it! However, before we talk about the future, lets rewind to the past a little. For those of you not familiar with the backstory: almost 10 […]

N v2.0 is here!

17 May / by: M&R / 83 comments / tags :

This is it! Remember that game you played in high school but forgot about through college? Yes, it’s the update you’ve been waiting for but probably forgot about since it’s been so long! N v2.0 is finally finished, ready to eat up your free time (and maybe some time at work too) once again. This launch […]

The Year of N, For Real This Time.

29 Mar / by: M&R / 30 comments / tags :

So we have big news. Big exciting news. We’re working on the absolutely final iteration of N: it will be called N++ N++ follows in the tradition of N+ and improves on it; it’s a bigger, better, more fully-featured version, with everything N has, plus plus: New levels, new graphics, new sound, new game modes […]

Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb / by: M&R / 14 comments / tags :

Happy Valentines Day! As always, we have made valentines — here’s the web version of Metanet’s 2013 Valentine (shows front and back): ” The printed versions come in two flavours, and we’ll be distributing them over the next month or two. So if you see us, please come say hi and grab one! Why Valentines? […]

A New Two-point-Zero

25 Jan / by: M&R / 76 comments / tags :

Surprise! We have a few updates to the N v2.0 beta for you to check out. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve been emailing and posting to the blog and forum, by the way, it’s helped identify quite a few bugs. We and Golden Gear Games have been working tirelessly all month on fixing them, […]

N v2.0 public beta… it’s done!! (well, sort of)

01 Jan / by: M&R / 106 comments / tags :

Yes, N v2.0 is finally coming together, and as promised we have for you a new beta version to try out. Hooray! Most of the obvious kinks from the initial beta have been worked out; we’re looking forward to a whole new batch of problems 🙂 Here you go! N v2.0 Public Beta For our […]

Almost there… [EDIT: *(&!$(^%$!&]

31 Dec / by: M&R / 44 comments /

We’re still madly working to get the N v2.0 public beta out before the end of the year… it’s going to be close, and although we REALLY tried all year to avoid this last-minute panic, sometimes there’s nothing you can do! We had hoped to be done early so that we would have time to […]

Huge apologies!

28 Nov / by: M&R / 49 comments /

Oh wow, we just noticed now it’s been 8 months since our last blog post. We are so sorry about that! We’ve had our heads down feverishly working on the N v2.0 update and have been hit with some delays and unanticipated problems, and completely lost track of time. But to be totally honest, part […]

GDC you in San Francisco!

03 Mar / by: M&R / 53 comments / tags : ,

It’s that time of year again, the annual migration of game developers to the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Our flight was delayed, which is kind of lucky because in our rush to pack we forgot to write a blog post! A couple weeks ago we reached +500 new N levels; initially we were […]