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It’s that time again…

14 Feb / by: M&R / 7 comments / tags :

  Happy Valentine’s Day!   If you see us in person over the next little while, we’ll give you a printed version of this year’s delightful valentine card (they are slightly different from the digital version above).   We started making corporate valentines so we could more easily express to others that we really appreciate […]


03 Dec / by: M&R / 9 comments / tags :

Wow, December already. It’s been an incredibly busy year, and time is just flying by. First of all, in case anyone missed it, we’ve started the long overdue process of cleaning up the N v1.4 highscores, and can always use more help. If you know of a highscore that was acquired by cheating, please collect […]

A Tiring October

31 Oct / by: M&R / 25 comments /

We’re back from Indiecade and have had a hectic month full of meetings and scrambling to accomplish something. It’s been busy, but not as busy with game-development as we’d like, so we’re a little behind. Down, but definitely not out.   This was our first time at Indiecade, and it was great to see all […]

The September Issue

04 Oct / by: M&R / 12 comments /

We spent all of September working on many different projects, and wrapping up the last few Difference Engine Initiative sessions, then working like mad to finish something cool to show you for this month’s post. Unfortunately, we didn’t get through as much as we would have liked, and we came up short. Probably not what […]

Post Coming Soon!

30 Sep / by: M&R / 2 comments /

We’re frantically working on a few things before leaving for Indiecade, and will have time to write a post summarizing them on October 4th. Sorry for the delay! In the meantime, here’s some music!

The Nd of Summer

31 Aug / by: M&R / 28 comments / tags :

We’re still soldiering away on multiple projects here. Among other things, the next iteration of N. Yes! Finally we’re posting about N. Hooray!!!   There has been a lot of internal discussion about what sorts of things we want to do with it, and beyond the obvious — make it a proper “web 2.0” dealie […]

The Difference Engine Initiative

31 Jul / by: M&R / 25 comments / tags : ,,

This month’s post will be dedicated to introducing a very exciting project that was recently announced, called The Difference Engine Initiative (DEI). You can read more about it here: The first two sessions are part of the Ada Lovelace edition. This is a game-making opportunity just for women, which Mare and world-famous Toronto-based community […]

It’s Office-ial!

28 Jun / by: M&R / 7 comments / tags :

June was a very busy month, and we were focused on finishing the office so that we could get back to work — but unfortunately we only finished the finishing the office part. It turned out beautifully though, check it out! Office Before (you saw these last post) Office After We had an office-warming party […]

The plaN

01 Jun / by: M&R / 17 comments /

First: We will talk about N later in this post. Second: The reason for our horrible failure to post in May is probably not as exciting as you might hope: we now have an office. Or, we will once we finish fixing it up and moving in. The past couple weeks have been full of […]


31 May / by: M&R / 3 comments /

Okay, this is very cheap-ass but we’re too tired right now to post properly, it’s been a very long and labour-intensive couple weeks… details tomorrow!!