N+ Levelpack 3 is out!

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The third (and final… well, for now, anyway) N+ levelpack is now available on XBLA, and it’s free! This one features levels from the original N, reworked and restyled for N+, in the form of: 150 singleplayer, 50 co-op, and 50 race. So the three level packs give you 675 new levels total — that’s […]

N+ Level Pack Contesque: Part the Third

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  Edit: Thank you all for entering, this Contesque is now closed!   So the third N+ level pack debuts Wednesday (the 15th of October, 2008), and that means it’s time for another contesque! For this open-ended contesque, if we like your submission you could win whichever version of N+ you want! This one is […]

Robotology: Alchemy

25 Sep / by: M&R / 23 comments /

Losing the first version of this post due to webhosting problems kind of sucked.. it was looooong! So, let’s see.. what have we been up to? The lost post concerned all of the stuff we’ve added to the simulator; the two big-ticket items are conveyor-belts and moving platforms — both physics-driven, obviously. We actually ended […]

Contesque 2: Level Name References — Winners!

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As you may know, the second (of three) N+ expansion packs was released yesterday. To our surprise, several gamers who post on the Xbox forum had finished the SP levels within hours (and they’re definitely not easy!) — congrats, guys, your ninja skillz are honestly amazing. On to the Contesque. Thanks to all the participants […]

N+ Levelpack 2: Now Available!

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Yes, it’s finally here! Today, September 10, 2008 you can get the second (of three) downloadable levelpacks for N+ XBLA. Woohoo! This set of levels contains 150 “harder” singleplayer levels, 50 “regular difficulty” multiplayer race levels and 25 “regular difficulty” multiplayer survival levels; it costs 200 points, which is less than 1 point per level! […]

Technical Difficulties…

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Sorry about that, everyone, it appears our webhost is still having some technical difficulties. The site and blog appear to be back and finally functioning properly again, so the contesque is once again open. Because of the idiotic downtime, we will be extending the contesque for one day, and adding some new prizes to the […]

N+ Level Pack Contesque: Part the Second

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It’s that time again! The second pack of new N+ levels for N+ XBLA will be out on Wednesday September 10, and that means we’ve got another contesque for you.   The contesque is open to everyone, world-wide. It closes September 10 at 9am EST. That means it will be open for one week only, […]

Belated News Flash!!

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Our site (and this blog) were both down for about a week thanks to some stupid problem at our webhost; of course this happened during a week containing not one but two big announcements. The first is: N+ is out on DS/PSP!! It came out last Tuesday (the 26th); we haven’t heard how it’s doing […]

Robotology: Sim vs. Game

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Originally posted by M&R | August 9, 2008 Finally a Robotology post! We put this off again and again, as there’s so much backlog that we didn’t quite know where to begin, but enough is enough — let’s just start with what we’ve been doing lately, and hopefully we won’t miss anything too important. This […]

Contesque 1: Level Names — Winners!

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Originally posted by M&R | July 23, 2008 The first N+ Downloadable Levelpack releases today (it’s up right now!), which is really exciting. We tried to make everyone happy: there are 150 “easier” Singleplayer levels, which should ease the pain of those who have found N+ too difficult, and 50 Co-op Multiplayer levels, which should […]