Summer Sale!

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Big news! N++ is 50% off in all of SCEA’s regions (North and South America) from right now until July 19th, 2016. This is the Re-PLAY sale, and N++ is part of it because it was also part of the PLAY promo last summer. This is a huge discount, and if you’ve been wondering what […]

LATINO, 2002 Die Gestalten Verlag

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To create the look and feel of N++, we worked with legendary graphic designer MASA. We knew of his work because of this book, LATINO, which was another of the first graphic design books we ever purchased. Designing the graphics for N++ was daunting — we wanted to refresh and evolve the graphics, similar to […]

The Designers Republic vs. IDEA Magazine, 2002

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Formed in 1986, The Designers Republic has a vast body of often playful and subversive, imaginative and groundbreaking work in graphic design. Here’s a short video on some of their inspirations and aspirations that pretty nicely encapsulates what they were trying to do: tDR did a ton of striking designs on flyers, posters, album artwork […]


DesignerShock DSOS1 – 2001, Die Gestalten Verlag

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One of the first books we ever purchased was this one, DesignerShock DSOS1. It was published in 2001 by Die Gestalten Verlag, Metanet’s favourite publisher (they have, over the years, published most of our favourite books). We probably bought it brand new, right off the shelf! We loved the bright, contrasting colours and shapes, and […]

Metanet Software’s Design Library

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At Metanet Software, we love games — and we also love design books. We get a lot of inspiration from tons of different art and design books, and we think you can see that in our games. Since the early 2000s, we’ve spent hours and hours in bookstores and libraries poring over pages: bright colours […]

N++ Art Teaser Trailer from Metanet Software on Vimeo.

Tools for Gamemaking – Music Loops

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Here at Metanet Software, we don’t just make games, we make music as well. Raigan has been making electronic and other music since he was a teenager, and thinks he’s finally starting to get the hang of it 😉 We also like to support and encourage other game developers, artists and all flavours of game […]

DIY Project: Certificates for great N and N++ players

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Here at Metanet Software, we make games AND merch/swag. Making merch in-house is pretty cool for a number of reasons: We find that creating unique and stylish products and packages is an interesting way for us to think about the project we’re working on from a different angle. It lets us really dig into the […]

Welcome to the new site!

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hi everyone! As you may have noticed, there have been some changes around here — we thought it was time to refresh the site and reorganize a little. Here’s what’s new: We’re still working on finishing N++ for Steam, and should have more news for you shortly. We’re hoping to release it by the end […]

N Tutorial A – Collision Detection and Response

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N Tutorial A – Collision Detection and Response table of contents SECTION   0: General Introduction SECTION   1: Separating Axis Theorem SECTION   2: Separating Axis Theorem for AABBs SECTION   3: Separating Axis Theorem for Circles SECTION   4: Separating Axis Theorem for Points SECTION   5: Fast-Moving Objects SECTION   6: Conclusion […]

N Tutorial B – Broad-Phase Collision

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N Tutorial B – Broad-Phase Collision table of contents SECTION   0: General Introduction SECTION   1: Basic Tile Grid SECTION   2: Advanced Tile Grid SECTION   3: Object Grid SECTION   4: Raycasting SECTION   5: Conclusion / Source Code WORKS CITED   SECTION 0: General Introduction The previous tutorial examined how “narrow-phase” […]